Blue Spring 2017 Exploration

In October of 2017 the team returned to Blue Spring to resume exploration efforts after working several years in other systems. On 10-14-2017 the dive team of Dirk Bennett and Bob Koch pushed the system out to 5,290′ with a dive time of 12.5 hours. That record was short lived as the dive team of Dirk Bennett and Jason McCord added line and surveyed the system out to 6,800′ at a depth of 315′ with a dive time of 17.5 hours on 11-04-2017. This was truly a team effort.  11-18-2017

New members in 2017

The OCDA welcomes Keith Andrews, Jason Wright, David Frawley, Robert LeForce, and Donovan Rayon to the team this year. Welcome aboard!

Maramec Spring 2016

Returning in the fall of 2016 the team again began exploration efforts in the spring. 600′ of new line was added with the system leveling out at 260′ depth. Sure feels like it is the coldest spring in Missouri with limited visibility.

Carroll Cave Lake Room trip

On February 13, 2016 Laura Battle, Dirk Bennett, Bob Koch, David Moore, Tucker Palmatier, Ben Perkins, and the Carrol Cave Conservancy team of Bill Gee and Nathan Taylor, traveled downstream through Carroll Cave to check for an outlet in the Lake Room area of Thunder River. It was a long and strenuous day but very rewarding to see how large the Lake Room actually was. You can find videos of the trip here. Project Manager Bill Gee of the Carroll Cave Conservancy also wrote an excellent article on the trip.

New Members in 2015

The Ozark Cave Diving Alliance is pleased to announce the newest addition to the team, Laura Battle. Laura started cave diving in 2013 and completed over two hundred cave dives in Mexico and Florida over the summers of 2013 and 2014. She interned at The Dive Outpost, a technical dive shop in Florida, is a member of the University of Texas Grotto, exploratory projects at Jacob’s Well (TX), and sump diving activities at Honey Creek Cave, the longest known cave in Texas. We look forward to working with her on our exploratory projects!  11-18-2015

The Ozark Cave Diving Alliance would like to announce a new addition to the team, Joseph McCord. Welcome aboard, sir.  11-19-2105

The Ozark Cave Diving Alliance would like to announce the newest addition to the team, Tucker Palmatier. Welcome aboard!  12-28-2105