The Ozark Cave Diving Alliance is currently looking for qualified divers with a willingness to work in a team environment focusing on underwater cave and spring research.

  Currently, the team is working shallow side mount systems with difficult access along with deep, significant deco sites in the Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma areas. Conditions are typically cold and otherwise vary from good to grim, so zero visibility experience/comfort are a must for advanced divers within the organization. Nearly all project sites are under research permit with various government agencies, many of which took years to acquire. Modern research includes cave system mapping, photography, video, cave life documentation and tracking, geologic samples, and public awareness presentations. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes and it isn’t all easy. All members are non-smokers who maintain a good level of fitness commensurate with their level of diving and generally bust ass to stay proficient in the different types of environments presented (dry caving included). Equipment should be of the DIR configuration and Cave Diver certification along with DAN Master insurance are required. If you’re married a very understanding spouse is also a plus. Most active members are diving several times a month and driving considerable distances to the active sites. Diving a couple times a year will not keep you proficient for the type of diving required here, so please consider your level of commitment before considering this kind of activity. Days can be very long and participants are required to pay their own way. Following a sponsorship and being voted in, new capable divers start at a support level and can work their way up quickly while enjoying an opportunity to provide useful information on cave systems around the Midwest. New members must be sponsored by an active member of the team.

  If you are interested in seeing what the Ozark Cave Diving Alliance has to offer, feel free to join us at project sites where you can introduce yourself, help out, and see what we do on a first hand basis. For project dates and locations, see the news section, our Facebook page, or contact one of the members listed here for more information. Thank you for your interest in the OCDA.


                                          Dirk Bennett
                                              Director, OCDA