Within the Lake of the Ozarks. Close to lake mile marker 38 by a local boat dock.

SIZE: Too small to be ranked.

OWNERS: Privately owned by Dave Dodson who was interested in discovering the location of the spring and then documenting any further exploration.DIVING HISTORY: In April of 2000 the OCDA was contacted by Mr. Dodson with a request to locate and explore a spring that was said to exist in the Lake of the Ozarks. The team responded within the month and began to search for the spring. However, conditions were very hindering as visibility was only one foot, water temperature was 50F, and a significant amount of trash and brush had accumulated in the area. These conditions can be hazardous to both new and trained divers, and in order to decrease the risk of any accidents the team employed standard safety diving search procedures. This consists of a diver being tethered to the surface (line tender), a fully rigged/ready on-line safety diver, and a surface manager to keep track of dive time. Bottom time for each search was limited to 15 minutes. The spring was finally located at 55’ alongside the bluff near the boat dock, but over 70 years of trash had to be cleared from the opening. After this was done it was determined that the spring opening consisted of a height at 3 to 10 inches, a width of 10 feet, and an entry angle of 45 degrees. Water at the spring opening was noticeably warmer than the lake, and visibility expanded to 20’ from inside. Further diving was conducted, and videography was obtained for Mr. Dodson. However, due to the restrictive nature of the opening further exploration has been suspended.